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Last night for the first time I felt I needed sport / fitness. The very first time in perhaps three years. I NEVER understood that that was about. Until last night. I have trying to remain home as I had a slight hamstring injury. But I just had to run or so something.

So is three-year normal? what do I know! Just do something you enjoy.

But do I enjoy running? I have always said I don’t; well I do …….. WHEN i’m out running but during the preparations I don’t. Infact I have said many times that what I enjoy is NOT being able to avoid the chance to come up with excuses so sun in the morning. So perhaps not that true. WHO KNOWS and actually WHO CARE?

I think that’s important. Don’t worry about what others think. Don’t worry if you don’t look as sharp what you’re waring. Just do it. For you. Sounds easy………………….. but it actually just is. You’ll be very happy to know that actually people really REALLY admire that you do something.

So tonight (the night after a fun and still feeling it somehow) I had an hour of tennis. Prepared well. Drank a pre-work drink. They do work but I didn’t drink during the game (water!) which was a mistake.

Good game. The fitness watch was set to the wrong sport so I’m not sure calorie count is accurate – but it was outdoors and I did something today.


walking the stairs is something!