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Baby steps!!

So many join a gym and things will be fine. No

I actually came across a book about eating according to the blood type. I’m a blood donor and know my blood type. So when I saw the second hand book I bought it. Supposedly I should stay away from nuts (OK), duck (OK), tomatoes (not OK), chicken………..what? why? Well the book argues the for blood type B (pos/neg is not important) chicken may be a lean meat but has something that takes forever to digest and does not sit well with Blood type B persons. I sort of scanned the many pages including a fascinating background of the spread of blood types and origins. The large part of the book relating to me was interest reading and sort of medical. around 1/2 of the foods I should avoid I don’t particularly like so that was like reading with the horoscope and agreeing. The other part (such as chicken) doesn’t seem right and whilst it may be true I now think organic chicken is much better than the 3 packs for ¬£10 offers. Not that I seek out organic as I should.

Anyhow I started thinking of food I was eating. Obsessed No, strict No.

More of less at the same time I was recommended by a number of people who I specifically had asked as I saw them with gym bags. Several recommended personal fitness sessions with this guy. However three times we managed not to meet up and I took it as a sign that I was not meant for his style. Later I heard that his style was very much like a drill sergeant and I still want to live. If there is a donut and I fancy one I’ll have it. I also very much enjoy wine.

So what did I do? It was a process. Definitely not one day waiting up and saying “this is the first day of the rest of my life and from this second on I’ll be focussed” etc. The weight was a trigger. Speaking and getting motivation of how many around who are super active (or at least they look it) was another trigger. However I also know that changing and making a habit takes months.

So be realistic! I can be quite analytical so it was a combination of many factors. Actually having a shirt that I could not fit into but I would like to also worked. If you’re a Large buy a Medium cool shirt. Just put it in the wardrobe. The broad smile I felt when I could almost wear it well was AMAZING. That could easily be a target. Set targets work. But they must be accompanied with a celebration. Decide what you’ll do when you wear that shirt. Go to this new restaurant or do a weekend away. Anyhow set a personal target.

Did I join a gym? Yes. However even if I signed up my then employer for perhaps the best corporate deal at the opening of a gym that is still going I have never succeeded. The extremes of super active or super dozy people early morning is off putting. The afternoons are crowded so that didn’t work for me either. Classes; well yes they are available but whilst spinning was a fascinating experiment and also being surrounded by all but one female (FIT FEMALES) was intimidating. So I only did one. Lateron I have participated in classes but for me it is intimidating, being out numbered and quite frankly tougher for me as just don’t look so cool as women.

Here it came. Gym clothes (or fitness clothes in general). It seems that bright colours and fancy  patterns are only appropriate for women. Us men must have black. Possibly with a swish, 3 lines or a puma. But black. WHY? I definitely now feel more brave to wear colours but initially that is also slightly off-putting.

In summary getting started is more a self-test of combining taking the time to find what motivates (sports, gym, walks), buying quality sports clothing including shoes and buy the right food. That also means stop buying snacks for the house. If they are there – you eat them. So don’t buy them. Make a deal with the family.

Don’t feel overwhelmed about the task. Start with baby steps. Whilst planning is important in this field just getting started with baby steps is more important. Don’t put off till tomorrow. And remember it could just be something simple such as making a smaller plate of food, leave something on the plate -(ALWAYS)- or go shopping when you are NOT HUNGRY.