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So this morning I rushed out as I had a meeting that I had forgotten. Sitting in a coffee / breakfast cafe I’ve just had a coffee with milk. However they keep coming out with toast / croissants etc. But bread is carbs and carbs are bad……………….

Well I have to admit that I LOVE bread. I love the smell of bread. But I have cut my intake of white loaf dramatically. My wife now buys the low carb, gluten free HOVIS and equivalent. And only 100 calories per slice.

I have made a big discovery. I have OBSESSED for 1500+ days and updated MyFitnessPal with EVERYTHING from bread, sweets, beer, cheese, granola, G&Ts, Nutella, steak etc. etc. etc. etc. Absolutely everything. It requires discipline but it works for me. I also record all exercises. I used Microsoft Band but Microsoft is a CRAP hardware company. Band was good gut 3x replacements in one year??? and just as warranty went it broke again. When some 12 months year later they offers a global refund my requests (yes multiple) were just TOATALLY ignored. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER buy Microsoft hardware!!. I have their share and enjoy the share increase. BUT DO NOT BUY MICROSOFT HARDWARE. They I had and really enjoyed a TomTom fitness watch. Nice and very functional. Unfortunately I kept dropping it and I’m now VERY HAPPY with a Garmin watch Fenix 5. Very expensive but VERY handy. Syncronises with MyFitnessPal and also Strava which is very good. For some inexplicable reason Strava is totally incompetent to understand how to cross sell their premium version. Stay with the free version. And become active in giving kudos. Receiving really works. Comments even more. 

I read a book about eating according to blood type. As a blood donor I’m aware of my blood type. Has it worked? I cannot say it has.

Do one need to cut beer, bread, sweets, chocolate etc. I don’t think so. But everyone in moderations and that also then make it so much enjoyable. Is there a problem having a beer whilst watching football on the TV (U C – I can multi-task!). No not at all. Just don’t have a beer every day. In fact a balanced diet must be right. That can include wine with the meal. Beer with football. Milk with the cereals. I’m certainly not an expert and online there are many. However you must find what works for you.

Fruit is actually full of sugar.

Chicken is a lean meat but apparently not so good for people with blood type B….?

Vegetables are good? But universally?

We need more protein? So chicken. Fine but as I’ve said before. I should buy organic but don’t.

We need more water? Water is essential. 2 litres sure. but 3 – 4 litres per day? I don’t think so.

We need more fibre? Probably

Carbs. All even? NO. So there is simple carbs (reduce) and complex carbs. (prefer)

 NOW IN JANUARY – so alcohol free? Yes if you want. I enjoy a nice glass of wine that accompanies the food, a whiskey or a cold beer on a warm day. But I do recognise that there are benefits of trying to reduce or cut alcohol. So I’ll try (but not be upset if I have some) in January. 

I like these lines:

  • You have to make smart food choices in order to be successful with your weight loss goals
  • Processed food last longer. Also longer in your body!
  • Exercise alone is not enough to burn off eating ‘whatever I want.
  • Eat whatever you want. STOP when you are no longer hungry. . . . yes that soon.
  • Carbs should actually be the highest nutrient intake per day. Without them, you will be drowsy and devoid of energy.
  • Add your own
  • and one more

i’m now having a cup of tea. I will be running tonight so now is a good time to plan a sensible lunch and dinner. Wow that would be a first.

But I’ve not had a solid breakfast so no shopping.


. . . . . . updating . . . .

did a run this morning. The usual CorreLibre 5km Saturday morning run. I was the self appointed tail runner so returned with Louise and Berit. Time was unrealistic but with a heel point and probably shin splint it was probably for the better. Further luck was that I had got it wrong with a race tomorrow. The point being that my fitness is OK, however I’m coming to realise that fitness is only so much. I did some weights and could feel new muscles, running ok, played a great game of singles tennis (6-0). So whist my calorie counting days are surpassing 1200 I really need to eat better. I need to cut out some for he bad snacking and increase water intake by 1 litre, increase protein by 100g and leave the little alcohol at least for now. I have as average one per day so I think that is all right. 



White bread once a week OK

Chocolate occasionally OK

fruit – must check how good it is. Some have LOTS of fruit sugars

Salads  – more

Omega 3 fishes – more

Food in the oven in stead of frying – more

smoothies – more

protein whey – EVERY morning

evening tea in stead of coffee

more water. MUCH more water.