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So I’m visiting my parents.

Went to look at new running shoes in a proper running shop. I realise that the lady in the shop is super smart. And also qualified. Well yes she’s also a highly qualified employee. So there were 4 infant of me. Even if I was there shortly after opening hours. I could have left but when a lady walked in right after me I decided to stay. And good that was as it was an insight into how she advises. I KNOW that I’m over-rotator. That is important and even so she tested each on. In fact one of the persons in front of me started by stating that he was looking for an insole. However after trying two shoes on she concluded that she did not recommend an insole. Not that she was against insoles but for this person (6 foot 2/185cm or so and muscular / big build) the existing shoes she said were probably to narrow. Therefore a wider sole and his running style which she had checked on a threadmill and recorded should be sufficient. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th got equally good and professional service.

Then it was my turn. I shared my running experience and other details.

  • 2-3 and occasionally 4x per week. Usually 5km, then 8-10km and occasionally 10+ km. Average speed has changed when I start faster.
  • I have both a TomTom Spark 3 fitness watch and a smart phone. Runkeeper (not impressed), Endomondo (Never used), Strava (Only free version so ….) and MayMyRun (occasionally not impressed when it stops measuring)
  • I did a full marathon 30 years ago.
  • I did a half maraton 3 months ago.

She confirmed (via trying on a neutral pair of shoes) that I’m overpronator. This means that I should NEVER EVER use ‘neutral’ shoes. I’m sure most recreational runners never spend the effort of speaking to a pro. It is usually well worth it. So I did. I have become super loyal to Asics. In fact in footware I have running, tennis, paddle tennis, golf and indoor for badminton and volleyball. However when upgrading Kayano 20 I found GT-2000 v6. Cheaper and were fine. However GT-2000 v7. NO NO NO. At least not for me. Massive injuries and delays in my running. So I was quite open to other brands (well perhaps not Nike). CONCLUSION: Do not just get some that look good, are inexpensive or been recommended by someone. We are all different and it is beyond unlikely that cousin Jim need the same shoes as you.

However after a run of 8km I felt OK. Some smaller niggles from before remain but my brother being an acupuncturist and doing massage has assisted a bit. I then did a 13.5km. Again fine. . . .well at least after the first two kilometers who were super tough.

I had realised that there was a half marathon going on during my holiday stay here. However once I was convinced that it was doable but then it was sold out. However reasonably the organisers state that due to injury etc. many become unable to participated hence they facility a way to sell entries on. In Denmark it is illegal to charge more than the original ticket price so that gives much confidence. I can now also get the runners t-shirt which was not available when subscribing after a certain deadline.

All I need to do now is.. . .. . .run 21km.

I’ll update once completed.