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I have now counted calories, weighed myself and generally increased my fitness / sport activities for over 1200 days.

First 2- 2 1/2 years progress. Lost weight and more importantly lost size. I was a large. I’m now a small medium. There is less more satisfying that trying something and fitting nicely into a small. In fact I have recommended to some that they should buy new clothes with a view to celebrate when fitting it well.

However the last year’s I have not lost my pot belly. My weight is fine, fitness improving, size maintaining and still counting every calorie that I eat or drink. CONCLUSION. belly is the hardest to tackle. I’m not aiming for a six pack but why o why can I not look trimmer?

Calories I’ve reduced in particular after 6pm. Bread and pasta etc very rare

Protein: Chicken, whey, kale smoothies yep. Aiming for 200g – didn’t work, reduced it to 150g – didn’t work so now i’m aiming for only 100g per day. Perhaps 4 out of 7 days per week do I achieve it.

Fat: I like sweets, cakes and chocolate. I also REALLY enjoy 1/2 glass (minimum) to most evening meals. I love the combination of food and wine . . .. . . .wine with food 🙂

Fruit is good!!. Well yes but that is not true. Some fruits have lots of sugar (fruit sugar) and are not one of the 5 per day. Green veg yes yes yes but check what you like and then set some goals that you can achieve. It is very revealing (to you) to go all in perhaps for one week. So check the food, the contents, the calories, the fat. This is only possible if you get the weight right. So get a digital scale. In particular cereals I must highlight. So some packages list helpfully the key number for a portion of 30 grammes. 30 grammes????? WHAT THE FLIP?. Totally insane. I don’t even think any kids can only eat 30g. Some raise the size to 45g. 50% but still insane I think. Personally (weighing 79kg) I eat 75 grammes. That is more reasonable. But try to measure and then work out the exact amount of calories and fat. you’ll be AMAZED. I was. Furthermore you should then remember that you usually need a mid morning snack as it satisfies you only a few hours. Protein whey however is 100 calories and keep you going till lunch. Worth a thought