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Going to the gym

 I had joined a gym via a corporate deal several times. After negotiating a corporate deal that proved to be excellent value. However going to a gym as and when does not have enough structure. I therefore took up running. I play golf and tennis. Occasionally badminton and high level ten pin bowling. None however very strenuous and therefore started looking these programmes. I tried out Insanity. It has a worse reputation that what it really is. I have access to a gym so my strategy was. Gym (as I feel stupid to do it in front of the TV), put on the programme (40-45 min) on the laptop. During business times put on bluetooth headphones. No equipment is needed.
WOW. Insanity really works. I didn’t need to lose weight so didn’t. I however lost TWO CLOTHES SIZES. So my objective has been to maintain my weight, trim my body. 
I also found boxing gloves and someone whom I used to know once said that boxing if never boxing is a brilliant exercise so that was always there. In fact I always think that and my god. It really is. 
So like with every sport I’ve ever done I want to understand it. Form over numbers another friend once said. VERY true. Unless you specifically want to injure yourself. Ask a professional, Look at YouTube, don’t be tempted to copy others at the gym. 80/20. 80% do exercises incorrectly and take too much risk on compared to the results and risk of injury. Injury is the worst. It can just be a small sprain but rest, falling motivation, lost fitness,\