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Well the world we KNEW months ago has now changed. Our perceptions, beliefs and expectations. All changed.

Some for the better and others; well let’s just agree that we all look at everything and everyone differently. Fitness and wellbeing are still important. I’m very lucky living in a small place where outdoors is not off-limit – for exercising. We can go running (without a mask), walking, dog walking and driving to shops and work places. Of course social discounting in key. Masks (which don’t work anyway as the virus bacteria is smaller than the fabric of 99% of masks) is now mandatory. Common sense, distancing, clearning and yes surprisingly washing hands. So strange that people finally have seen the benefits of hygiene. Just as some European countries locked-down (23rd March) we returned to Malaga airport and I took note of still a large number of people not washing hands after the pit-stop. Hopefully those people now understand it better. And that they will keep remembering.

So I have gone crazy running. Every two days in average. Distances getting longer. Usually I would run 5-6 km but enjoying the freedom and also the very nice weather (not to mention podcasts) I would increase to 10-15km and even some 22km. It sort of bugs me that my speed is not improving since I started road running some 2-3 years ago. But should I get faster? Is that really the point? I enjoy the running. This is a few feelings as I used to find excuses, delays and would postpone for almost whatever reason. Now (but it has taken a while) I’m looking for a reason to run. The highlight is being outside, running a new route, being seen and wave back, feeling exhausted and then shortly after feeling OK. Do I enjoy the recognition from others after the run. Sure. Vanity perhaps but looking and feeling fitter is nice.

So in the lock-up Netflix is the winner. (so obvious so why didn’t I buy their shares???). ¬†Many couples are struggling spending 24 hours together – whether with children in the house or not. I think it is CRAZY to lock-up everyone for days, weeks and now months on end. It was implemented urgently and it had too. WHO of course totally failed their job. The other united organisations ¬†should have sat an example; such as United Europe = failure and United Nations = failure. In the case of Europe it is relevant to see how each country has operated different in implementation, measuring, monitoring, supporting, enforcing and now also in locking up the world. Stay-at-home exercise is difficult. I tried in front of the TV and it is hard. Fitness is about discipline. However 5-10 minutes every day is possible and often enough. Simple and basics; lunges, squats, plank etc. Or watch one of the 10000000000s of videos freely available online.

Netflix and chill. NO.

Netflix and drill YES