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First posted 2/1/2019

Injury is always around the corner. Expecting never to have an injury is being in denial. And clearly prevention is better than recovery. And when you get strong, faster, more ambitious, competitive etc. injury becomes more likely.

So whilst I’ve suffered with a hamstring and it took rest. Really REST. and advice from a sports physio time does heal. However with professional treatment, rest, exercises and patience you can definitely get back to training. Perhaps even compete.

This time it’s shin splint. This happens. I think it perhaps is the second time. How? good question but I’m guessing running too much. I only do 3-4 per week and between 5 and 10 usually. Rarely over 10km. However this time perhaps I’m paying the price for the next step.

I was going steady pace at just over 5min per km. wanting to improve interval training and hills is the way forward. So I walked a hill (small mountain) but at a leisurely pace. Then I played tennis and then then next day went for a run. Nothing unusual but perhaps too many things as I’m not 18. Not even 28 – or 38. (51 but don’t tell)

So online advice is rest + ice + elevated leg. Perhaps compression. NOT HEAT. It seems to be working so whilst I’m wanting to go training again I’ll hit the gym.

Injury = yellow card => Treatment, Rest, Patience

Do not let it get worse so let the body recover.



The other day I bought new shoes. Version 7 of those version 6 that I had run to 500++ km. I of course still have them, but apparently it’s good to switch (yes the jury is still out on that account.)

However they feel great and a blister on the heal must have been caused by a sock that had come down low and caused it. However some days rest, iodine, running with two socks solved that.

Now a week later I must have overdone the running. Yes I’m preparing in now two weeks for a half marathon. However 10km in the morning and then a further 12.5km in the evening was perhaps too much. and then i played tennis two days running. However I’m paying the price. Tight calfs after a sort-of shin splint pain. So I’ve rested a couple of days, used rollers and ice. Today I had an sports physio 30min massage and was given exercises. Keen to get out running I was however reminded (and noticed it) that the muscles would be sore so no running until tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Morale: the increase distance and slow actually is true!!

Warm up, WARM

run / hill / interval / walk / job

Cool down / stretch COOL so ice/cold treatment. Even ice bath or the sea if you so please (I don’t)


Plantar Fasciitis

Do I have it? Apparently that is not sure. Amazingly I find that it is not that clear cut. Apparently it is likely but evidenced by a vast number of ‘treatments’ it can be just a sore heel, something serious or something completely different. GO TO A DOCTOR.

It seems though logical that rest is key so i’ll give the body a couple of days rest. Well only a couple as I’ve already been tempted to play tennis the day after tomorrow and last night I went to the gym to do weights rather than going for a run (which would have been 3rd day in a row – in between quite some drinking). However I only did 30min weights and then got tempted to play tennis instead. Perhaps not the best but it was enjoyable.

Conclusion is however that the body gives signals. You need to push you but if the body tells you to rest it is probably a good thing.

For about a week my right rear thigh has felt like it could not hold my weight.

Update 29/3/2019

Very strange and worrying. However absolutely everyone I’ve mentioned it to have all said the same. Over doing exercise. And then someone shared on social media that ‘extreme athleticism is the new mid-life crisis’. . . . . . not that I have that age….. or do I? OK perhaps yes (51) but I’ve NEVER EVER been in as good shape than I’m now.

Anyhow quickly move on. So I’ve done nothing for a couple of . . .days. And I feel better. The key however is thought to stay of the chocolate, alcohol etc.

Listen to the body. Recovery time is VERY IMPORTANT. And then go back to a routine / programme.


so I said listen to your body. However I did and ignored it. I did have a pain in the heel. I somehow knew that it was not PF but subconsciously felt that I possibly should change to my new running shoes. I did have blisters running with my new shoes but heel pains was due to keeping to run with the worn out shoes. Didn’t realise that this was so important – even if I wrote about this.

So when equipment is worn. . . .. yes its worn and it is time to be changed. So I’ve now changed and fine. However i must have strained a muscle in my right thigh. resting (sort of) for a week should be enough. No. I’m 51 so 2-3 weeks and therefore. Listen to your body. I’m sorry if I have written this previously.


So I went to the doctors as I was in the building and could get an appointment right away. Surprisingly. Nothing to worry but do rest. Sports injury = body need healing time. I was inpatient and had only ‘rested’ one week. She insisted that it should be at least 2-3 but even 4 weeks. …….. so what did I do? Yes I went after 10 days for a short 7km run. And it felt Ok but a day after I can feel it. The daily (but should be EVERY day and several times per day) foam roller does help. So does stretching. Amazing how the body sends signals to listen to but how the mind does not listen.