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So the last few days I’ve suddenly developed a taste for long runs. Quite incredible as I cannot say I enjoy running. In fact for many years I was saying that I enjoy when out but even if I did run the preparation was the off-putting part.

However the key was  – I still did it.

In fact a golf phrase seems to apply. It has to feel new to be new. It has to feel new to be new. Translated to running perhaps if it is all too comfortable it is not worth it. It has to be challenging and continue to be challenging. Start slow, start short then build up with frequency, speed, distance, interval etc. etc.

I listen to music. I have to and it takes me away from the perhaps boring step, step step. tonight I just kept going.

Was it the

sneaky glass of rose just two hours earlier

the Spotify playlist (160 Rock beats)

The Full Moon

The slow start with David


who cares. It ran 17km with 14 , before hand 12 and beforehand 10 and 5km. Baby steps.

Some recommend joining a running club. I didn’t really see why except if they taught technique such as arm movement, breathing when having a side stitch etc. However reading a couple of books (one by Paula Ratcliffe) and speaking to other runners has been more beneficial. In my area running clubs is ‘just’ encouragement. However now that I have run a couple of running groups (one on FB and another on WhatsApp) and both totally voluntary I actually have noticed that the self-imposed discipline works. And works well. I find a number of people like the solitude of running (fair point but totally dependent on self discipline) and others who just want to get a bit better first (what? Makes absolutely no sense). However anyone for itself as long as you start.