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I have never really understood the point of a blog but after having started a sort-of fitness programme I have often felt I had something to share.

So what made me start? It is worth it? what are the obstacles? Lot of questions but probably it was out of frustration some years ago the local TV station decided to broadcast a mini series and the six episodes I think almost exclusively covered what was available to women. But what about us men? And why don’t we just do the same and why are the so many more women doing all these exiting classes etc. etc

So many questions and mostly for the women.

So in this blog I’ll share my experience of what has worked and not for me.

Did I made a selfie picture when I started? And why not? Well actually I never really decided from one day to the next that this was going to be anything serious or disciplined. In fact that would have put me off. So have I now be gripped by fitness and must do this – like a drug. No, not really. This no doubt will sound familiar to many.

From teenage age I was not sporty. In fact I was as probably 15 year old asked to play a game of tennis and didn’t have a track suit. This has changed. There are many brands, styles, colours, gadgets and they do matter. This may be a surprise but when I had golf clubs fitted to me the fitter said that the clubs must look pleasing to the eyes and I have to agree. So with fitness clothes is it about vanity? In my case I have to admit yes.

Writing this I must stress that getting on new scales and realise that 89.7kg was only 300grammes from far-to-much-weight at a high of 182cm (or six feet).

So a diet is the way. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I so do not believe in diets as it is only temporary so once you you go back – so will the weight. Achievement ZERO.

Well I felt like a kick and thank god. Just what I needed even if I was not a couch potato by any measure.

I’ll add more in the next step my fitness blog.