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It’s important.

Whatever the sport – do not go cheap. Sometimes it’s OK for a try-out but for running there are so many considerations.



Fitness level

Running style


Weather, surface considerations

Does it matter how it looks? Perhaps not but are we not all a bit vain. And let’s be honest a guitarist must like his instrument as must a golf player like the look of the club. So running equipment can make you look good. And for me it helps. I look good – I feel good.

What is running gear?

Shoes is number one. I’m a pronator. What are you? How do you find out?

Clothes. I like running leggings but with no shorts above. Yes I know the debate is 50/50.

Gadgets such as :Heart Rate monitors, belts, watches and even shoes

Hat, jacket, gloves, reflexes

Sure but what about: Nutrition, creams, Bags, Water bottle and much more

So price indicates quality. Perhaps but there is a huge choice and the variety is almost overwhelming. I cousin of mine mentioned two running shoes brands. Never ever heard about them. However they do have a huge impact so do be prepared to spend over £75 and perhaps even £100. Get advice!