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So I signed up for a 10km road run. It turned out that the weather played up. It was grey. Dark clouds and super tempting to stay at home.

However I went out. I have the good shoes (Check), I have running clothes that is smart and even colourful. I took pre-workout powder. So I just got on with it whilst still not really fancy going out. Whilst driving to the start area I was even wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a thin rain jacket. And I also have a running belt for keys and mobile phone. To top it all I have my phone with a ROCK running spotify music list as I must listen to music when running.

All was set up so I registered and it started to rain………….. I don’t do rain but it was a good crowd and I started slow and actually did a good time. Even enjoyed it.

Make it happen. If you can get tempted to get distracted or procrastinate then make a list

  • Think:How will I feel afterwards
  • What else constructive would I do
  • Do I have the equipment I need

…………Yes it’s actually that simple. I never thought about this before but it does work. You can make your own list but I would not recommend one that is too long.

Afterwards the weather improved and I felt great

in fact so great that when I got a WhatsApp about 1/2 hour after getting home asking if I wanted to play tennis I didn’t hesitate. To my big surprise I actually had energy. Lots of water. Lots and lots.